The Carbon Rush screening tomorrow in Toronto

The Carbon Rush, a film by my truly amazing friend Amy Miller, will be screening tomorrow at the TIFF Lightbox as part of the Planet in Focus Film Festival at 9:15 pm. If your in Toronto make sure to come check it out. (I played a small role as researcher for the film). You can check out the trailer here:

Here is some more information:

Toronto Premiere of The Carbon Rush
Directed by: Amy Miller | 85 minutes | Canada | Documentary | 2012 | Toronto Premiere
Produced by: Byron Martin, Amy Miller

Director Amy Miller and Producer Byron A. Martin in attendanceNarrated by Daryl Hannah, The Carbon Rush takes us around the world to meet the men and women on the front lines of carbon trading. Using carbon credits as a means to offset pollution created in another part of the world, carbon trading projects have a lasting impact on the environment and the communities involved: indigenous rainforest dwellers are losing their way of life, waste pickers at landfills can no longer support themselves and dozens of farmers in Honduras have been assassinated. So far community voices have gone unheard in the cacophony surrounding this multi-billion dollar carbon industry, nicknamed “green gold” by its beneficiaries.

The Carbon Rush travels across four continents and shows the connection between these tragedies and the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism. Investigating hydroelectric dams in Panama, incinerators in India and biogas production in Honduras, this groundbreaking documentary reveals the true cost of carbon trading and shows who stands to gain and who stands to lose.

Co-presented by:
We Are PowerShift Canada
First Weekend Club


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