Follow up story on arrested blogger

In August 2011 I published a story about the arrest of a blogger and independent journalist Dan Kellar, for a post he wrote about an undercover officer who had befriended him. Kellar was shocked to learn that his ‘friend’ was actually spying on him. The angry language in the post reflected his sense of betrayal, but to this day he contends he broke no laws. 

The article had massive pick and was circulated around the world. It became one of the most read stories published on the media co-op that year. Many comments on the story reflected a sense of surprize that Canada would allow a blogger to be arrested for exersicing his right to free speech. Other comments showed the palatable emotions of the activist communities in Southern Ontario who had been infiltrated by covert police officers.

Almost 15 months later I have published a follow up story. Last Thursday, shortly before the matter was set to go to trail, the Crown dropped all charges against Kellar. You can read the story here:


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