$$$ searching for dollar symbols $$$

Normally when you do a google search punctuation marks and symbols are completely ignored. For example the following symbols are never registered: ¶, £, €, ©, ®, ÷, §, (), ?, ! However, in special circumstances some symbols do get included in a search. The plus symbol, +, is usually not registered but exceptions include when you are search for the programming language C++ or when you are searching for Google’s social networking site, Google+. A list of these exceptions can be found here.

On its own, the dollar symbol, $, is ignored, but Google picks it up when it is included with numbers. This means that searching for 500 and $500 will give you different results. On its own this is good to keep in mind when you are searching google. However I recently discovered a neat way to apply this when combined with Google’s number range operator..

If you want to search number ranges in Google you do so by separating two numbers by two periods. For example searching 2007..2011 will return pages containing 2008, or any number in that range. 


You can also include a ranges inside a set of quotes for example “4800..5400 Baltimore Ave.” will return any addresses on Baltimore Avenue in side that range, such as 4987 Balimore Ave.  Now all you need to do is insert the name a specific city, and you will find all sort of results on properties in that range.    

And getting back to dollar symbols, you can include it in a number range as well. For example $60..$90 will return items in that range, such as $79. This can be useful when your going shopping online and you want to exclude items you can’t afford.
However I recently came up with a neat trick that can put this search operator to even greater effect. I discovered a way to filter pages so that only those dealing with financial information will be returned. By searching for $1..$100000000000000000000000 you can effectively return every page that deals with money. 
Not every page on the internet has a dollar symbol on it. And if you are digging into finances of politician, and want to filter out pages that don’t deal at all with money this will help you get to the pages you really want.
I am not sure it would be as useful but you can also exclude the dollar symbol from search results by placing a minus sign in front of your search term, like so: -$1..$1000000000000000000000000
At the right occasion I have found searching for dollar symbols to be quite useful.
If you want to hear Google’s amazing search expert Daniel Russell explain a bit more on what works and doesn’t work when it comes to searching for symbols in google, then check out this video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocARsFU7hLw&t=4m16s

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