Infographic and Maps

I wanted to do a post to highlight some of the Info-Graphics and maps I have worked on before creating a series of Idle No More maps.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 11.28.27 AM
Boiling Point: An info-graphic on First Nations with Boil Water Advisories was published by Briarpatch Magazine last summer. I did the research for this, Jordan Hale worked on the map, and Emily Davidson did the design.
This year I created this graphic on Canadian Spending on Bombs. This is the first graphic I worked on where I did the design myself, as well as the research.
Making War in Canada, is a companion map to documentary ‘Myths for Profit’ a film by Amy Miller. to create it she employed the help of myself and Dru Oja Jay.
I have also:
I worked on a graphic on Wikileaks with Mission Specialist.
Created a map of evicted Occupy sites in Canada
And Displayed G20 intelligence documents in a compelling manner with the help of Dru Oja Jay.

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