An advanced course on Google search

I have a lot of respect for Daniel Russell, a Google employee who explores how people use search and conduct online research.  I try to make time to read his blog every week, SearchResearch, and have learned a lot from him.

In a few days he will begin running a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Advanced Power Searching With Google“. It starts on January 23rd, and if you are a good online researcher interested in increasing your skills, I highly recommend it. Sign up now.

I took an earlier course that he ran, and I am very excited to take the advanced course.

On a similar note, for readers in Toronto, I am giving two talks next week. Unfortunately the all-day Tools for Change workshop is over booked and registration had been capped. However I will be giving a short talk on online research tricks at an event hosted by the Professional Writers Association of Canada on Tuesday January 22nd.

I will be trying to organize more research workshops in Toronto. But if you interested in having me give a workshop, please get in touch, regardless of where you live.


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