Interviewed by CBC on maps and crowd sourcing

This morning I was interviewed on CBC’s Thunder Bay based morning show, Superior Morning. They had informed me the previous day that hackers group Anonymous recently released a crowd sourced map of Missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada and the US. The map is attributed to “Operation Thunderbird”, You can see it here:  
The contents of the map are disgusting, as they illustrate the lack of action being taken on crimes against indigenous women.  The problem is not limited to the Highway of Tears, and downtown Vancouver, but rather the map indicates that police across the country aren’t taking crimes against indigenous women as seriously as they should. In Thunder Bay the situation is added to by a large number of unsolved sexual assaults that are also listed on the map.
The CBC, contacted me because of my own work with crowd sourcing in creating several idle no more maps, including most recently a map of the events taking place on January 28th. They wanted to hear my perspective on the role of crowd sourcing and my impression of the “Operation Thunderbird” map of murdered and missing indigenous women.
After being interviewed I decided to make a new map of my own. This one is of the events schedule to take place on the Annual Feb 14th Women’s Memorial March. You can find it here:
Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 2.19.40 PM

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