An article and a report…

I wanted to write a quick post that covers a couple recently published items related to the first nations protest. One that I wrote and another that refers to my work.
Idle No More inspired me to read over the all the RCMP records on First Nations protest that had been acquired by myself and other researchers. It was about 3000 pages in total.  When I found some interesting and newsworthy material in these records, I contacted Martin Lukacs, and he helped work on the story with me.
A couple weeks ago this story was published in the Toronto Star. It explores the ways the Assembly of First Nations has collaborated with the RCMP to subvert blockades by other First Nation groups, through sharing intelligence on activists, embedding RCMP officers in their office, and allow the RCMP to help craft their public message. Although focusing on events in 2007, the article was published on the heels of a major wave of protests that were part of the Idle No More movement.
A few days ago I found out that a lot of my other writing on had been drawn upon for a report on the surveillance of First Nations and environmental groups. The report was created by the Voices-Voix, a coalition “committed to defending our collective and individual rights to dissent, advocacy and democratic space.”  The report has links not only to my own writing but also some great work by other people. I  encourage you to check it out.

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