An email update on my reporting!

I recently sent a version of this message out to my email contacts.  It explains some of my recent work and I wanted to share it here as well…
I am sending out a big email to all my contacts to share some of my reporting from the last several months. I mostly want to share my work, celebrate what I have achieved, ask for support and give people an opportunity to give me feedback. I am really proud of the place I am at, and am excited about the trajectory I am on.
I recently had a major exposé published in the Toronto Star that I wrote with Martin Lukacs. It explores the ways the Assembly of First Nations has collaborated with the RCMP to subvert blockades by other First Nation groups, through sharing intelligence on activists, embedding RCMP officers in their office, and allow the RCMP to help craft their public message. Although focusing on events in 2007, the article was published on the heels of a major wave of protests that were part of the Idle No More movement.


In December I created a map of Idle No More events in 2012. It came out just as the movement was picking up steam, and many readers seemed to really be buoyed by the map, which visibly demonstrates that Idle No More events were taking place in every corner of Canada, across the US, and around the world. The map went viral, was seen by over a 1/4 million people, and was embedded on the official Idle No More website.


Since then I have learned a lot more about map-making and have created a series of other Idle No More maps. Before that I collaborated on a map of Boil Water Advisories in First Nations Communities which was published in Briarpatch Magazine. I also created an infographic for the Dominion that explored Canadian spending on bombs. This was the first time I did the design for a graphic on my own.


In October I wrote an article revealing the existence of an ongoing series of briefing where major energy companies were provide classified intelligence by Canadian agencies. I have also reported on a wide variety of other topics in the last few months, including the Line 9 pipeline reversal, opposition to mining in the Ring of Fire, the aftermath of the G20 Summit, the Toronto supporters of a Greek Fascist party, and the court case of Security Certificate detainee Mohammed Mahjoub.

Beyond my reporting I continue to share my research skills. leading workshops and trainings on research skills, such as advanced internet research and filing freedom of information requests (I am currently developing a workshop on making interactive maps for grassroots groups). I provide research advice to a variety of underfunded groups, and have been posting research tips on my new blog You can also find updates on articles, and a bunch of other interesting stuff on the blog.


I have also been supporting myself financially by working as a freelance researcher. In the last year a documentary and two books I did research for were released. If you know anyone who might want to hire me as an investigative researcher or to present a workshop, I would appreciate if you pass on my name.

I feel my skills in research and journalism are really starting to improve and am excited to see what I will achieve in the next year with my investigation and reporting.  I already have several stories and other project in the works, although I need to be tight lipped about some of these at the momment, I can tell you about of few of them:

•    In a few weeks a couple of articles examining the oversight of intelligence agencies will be published.
•    I have already filed a dozen Access-to-Information request on Idle No More. I have more in the works, and expect I will have enough material to generate a few articles on the state’s reaction to the movement later this year.
•    I am developing some maps related to municipal campaign donations, and working on other data journalism projects.
•    I am in the initial steps of a project that I hope will increase the usefulness of Access-to-Information legislation, and get documents into more people’s hands.


If you appreciate the work I am doing, and can afford to make a donation, it would really help me push forward. I don’t make a lot of money from this work, and donations have really helped me keep going. It will help support my work in a variety of ways including paying for Access to Information requests, allowing me to attend conferences such as the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference taking place this summer in San Antonio, Texas, and most urgently to help in replacing my recently deceased laptop. [I have now replaced the laptop]

I would love to hear any feedback, comments and story suggestions on the work I am doing.  If you want email updates on any of my future articles, research tips, and links to other interesting articles and resources, fill out this form. You can also follow me on twitter: @timymit
Tim Groves

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