C-51 sparks KI First Nation to request spy records

An article I worked on a few years ago is back in the news, as it was recently highlighted by a First Nation Chief concerned about surveillance of his community.

In 2011, I  had front page article in the Toronto Star titled “Mounties spied on native protest groups” The article exposed the existence of a special RCMP unit dedicated to monitoring the First Nation potentially ki-logoinvolved in protest activity.

Due to the measure included in Bill C-51 many First Nations groups are concerned that spying on their communities is set to increase.  Last week the Chief of  Kitchenuhmayooosib Inninuwug, Donny Morris, attended to Toronto to speak out against Bill C-51 and to announce their community was filling an ATIP request to get more information on the surveillance of their community. They highlighted the article I had written and one of the reasons for their concern.

Here are some links to coverage of Chief Morris visit:

TORONTO – Today, the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug [KI] First Nation is filing a request for access to all spying records kept on their community by the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and calling on all First Nations in Canada to flood the RCMP and CSIS with access to information requests and make the information public.

I call on Harper and his spooks to come clean today and stop spying on our people,” said Chief Donny Morris.  Security laws are already being abused to spy on our people and to jail our leaders when we stand up to protect our homeland.  Bill C51 threatens to dramatically expand spying on First Nations and to criminalize our assertions of sovereignty and rights on our own land.

Previous access to information requests have revealed that the RCMP created a wide-ranging surveillance network in early 2007 to monitor protests by First Nations, including KI, and shared the intelligence gathered with private extractive industries.

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