CANADALAND article gets results: Use of Encryption on the rise

My recent CANADALAND article, Which Reporters Don’t Bother To Encrypt Email?, has helped spark a significant increase in the number of Canadian journalists using encryption.

At least 31 new Canadian journalists have started using email encryption since the article was published. This is almost doubles the number of Canadian journalists who have begun using encryption since the Snowden leaks first began.

I am also working with Hacks/Hackers to put on a series of upcoming “Security Boot Camps” to help train journalists on encryption and other security tools.

The first one is taking place in Vancouver tomorrow. And the following Tuesday a speaking event will be taking place in Toronto, which will be followed by a hands-on training. Then in early June, I will be leading a workshop on this topic at the CAJ conference taking place in Halifax. Events in other cities are also being planned.

Although work on getting journalists to use these tools was already underway, this graph shows a major spike took place after my CANADALAND article was published:


(The above graph measures Canadian journalists who are known to be using the PGP email encryption based on research on the MIT Public Key Server.)

A directory of journalists using PGP can be found here. Attentive readers may notice that the numbers in the CANADALAND article and the graph do not match exactly, this because freelancers were not included in the stats listed in the article.Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.41.54 PM

I was invited to present the workshop that is taking place at the CAJ conference in Halifax, so long as I cover the costs of my travel and accommodation myself. I have started a crowd funding campaign to cover the roughly $500 flight. If you are able to contribute I greatly appreciate it.

In addition to the three “Security Boot Camps” that are mentioned above, I am hoping that events will be organized in other cities, and that journalism schools will start providing an introduction to security tools to their students. If you are interested in making that happen, and think I could be of any assistance to you, please get in touch.

Email: tim.m.groves <@> gmail com

PGP key: 0x1741F4E9AF971BCB

Fingerprint: 0E5E 34CD 37A2 4E8A F9DD 6598 1741 F4E9 AF97 1BCB

Twitter @TimMGroves

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