I am passionate about sharing the research skills that I have developed. I offer a variety of  online webinars, in-person workshops, on a variety of research techniques, as well as offering one-on-one trainings and research advice.

The topics that I cover include advanced online research techniques, how to file freedom of information requests and how to encrypt emails, however I am also able to develop trainings that meet a specific need.

Please contact me if you would like me to organize a workshop or webinar for your organizations, or if you want to be notified when I am offering training sessions to the public.


Some of the presentations I offer include:

Mastering Google and Going Deeper: Powerful Web Research Skills

This workshop presents skills and techniques that investigative journalists, private-eyes and other researchers use to do deep-digging research on the web. This is for anyone who wants to develop and broaden their research skills and abilities. Both novice and expert researchers alike, will learn valuable skills they can use every day, and techniques they can put in their tool box for when the thorniest of research challenges come along. Jam-packed with useful tools from edge to edge, this session will use engaging storytelling to explore topics including:

  • Techniques for using Google in ways most people are unaware of;
  • Methods for crafting a good search;
  • How to access the wealth of information on the Internet that Google can’t find;
  • Using tools to monitor websites to see if and how they have changed;
  • Getting information to come to you;
  • Techniques for retrieving material deleted from the Internet;

Filing freedom-of-information requests

This workshop helps develop the skills, understanding, and confidence needed to start filing freedom of information requests.  Through discussions, stories, and exercises we will find ways to navigate bureaucracy, get our hands on records and put those records to use.

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